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Officials: DuPage Airport a growth engine

More than 20 years ago the DuPage Airport Authority’s decision to purchase surrounding land sparked controversy. Some said the spending was unnecessary and excessive, but the airport, nevertheless, grew from 900 acres in 1985 to 2,800 acres by 1992.


Are Business Aviation’s ‘Hubs’ Ready for the Future?

What component of aviation infrastructure is more essential than airports? And yet is there any more beset? And very soon, in addition to concerns about real estate development, noise and environmental impact, safety considerations, airspace integration, zoning and landuse planning, and community relations, there comes one of capacity.


Airport complex to generate $1.6B by 2011

Its controversial days in the past, the DuPage Airport Authority is riding the triple wave of its airport operations, high-tech park and golf course into a financial boon that will be worth $1.6 billion to the area economy by 2011.