2018 Agendas & Minutes

The following are agendas and minutes for various DuPage Airport Authority Board and Committee meetings for the 2018 calendar year, listed according to the date of the meeting.

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2018 Meeting Calendar.pdf

Regular Board

 Date  Public Notice / Agenda  Board Packet  Minutes
3PM Wednesday 1/24/18  .pdf  .pdf  .pdf

1:30PM Wednesday 3/14/18 

 .pdf  .pdf  

8AM Thursday 3/22/18 Special Meeting

3PM Wednesday 5/23/18

3PM Wednesday 6/20/18      
3PM Wednesday 9/19/18      
3PM Wednesday 11/14/18      

 Capital Development, Leasing and Customer Fees Committee

 Date  Public Notice / Agenda  Minutes
2:30PM Wednesday 1/24/18  .pdf  .pdf

1:00PM Wednesday 3/14/18

2:30PM Wednesday 5/23/18    
2:30PM Wednesday 6/20/18    
2:30PM Wednesday 9/19/18    
2:30PM Wednesday 11/14/18    

 Finance, Budget, and Audit Committee

 Date  Public Notice / Agenda  Minutes
2PM Wednesday 1/24/18  .pdf  .pdf

12:30PM Wednesday 3/14/18

2PM Wednesday 5/23/18    
2PM Wednesday 6/20/18    
2PM Wednesday 9/19/18    
2PM Wednesday 11/14/18    

 Internal Policy and Compliance Committee

 Date  Public Notice / Agenda  Minutes
2:45PM on WEDNESDAY 1/24/18   .pdf  .pdf
8AM Wednesday 3/14/18 – CANCELLED  .pdf  
8AM Wednesday 5/16/18    
8AM Wednesday 6/13/18    
8AM Wednesday 9/12/18    
8AM Wednesday 11/7/18    


 Golf Committee

 Date  Public Notice / Agenda  Minutes
1:30PM Wednesday 1/24/18 – CANCELLED  .pdf  

12:00PM Wednesday 3/14/18

1:30PM Wednesday 5/23/18    
1:30PM Wednesday 6/20/18    
1:30PM Wednesday 9/19/18    
1:30PM Wednesday 11/14/18    
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