Updated September 2014.


One of the challenges over the years has been a cost effective way to increase the capability of the Airport to accommodate operations under cross-wind conditions. Currently Runway 10/28 is the crosswind runway with an instrument landing system approach on Runway 10, but at 4,750’ in length, it is too short for some aircraft to use, resulting in some aircraft operators diverting to other airports.

One of the work elements of the Master Plan study was to identify and evaluate alternatives for greater cross-wind capacity. According to the analysis performed by the Jacobs team, the most cost effective means to increase our crosswind capacity is to widen Runway 2L/20R from 100’ to 150’. By contrast, extending Runway 10/28 to 6,000’ would involve property acquisition and relocating Powis Rd., which would take a greater amount of time and result in a much higher cost for minimal operational gains when compared to this alternative.

Construction started as scheduled in May and is currently 1 – 2 months ahead of schedule and should be completed mid to late October.

Please review the sequence of construction phasing exhibits that show the open and closed pavement areas during construction along with some taxiway designations that are changing.

Note that Runway 2L/20R will be closed the entire construction period and 10/28 will also be closed for a portion of the project.

As of September 2 we are moving into the third phase of construction, so 10/28 is also closed.




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